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"Knitting Stories" is a project created and organized by Believe in Kindness, that connects young generations with women artisans knitting in Huaraz, in the Peruvian Sierra, and finally connects them all with children in cancer treatment in a large hospital in Lima, Peru.

The teenagers take crochet classes and learn to knit a cheerful accessory (a smiley face) to be applied to a beanie that will be woven by the talented artisans of the Peruvian highlands.

The funds raised by the knitting class and the smiley face decorations are sent to the artisan center through the textile project “Mision Huascaran," a Peruvian non-profit organization, placing an order (providing these women with a job and generating progress for their community) for the making of beanies.

Next, is the application of the smiley face made by teenagers. Lastly, the hats knit by the artisan women with the emoji knit by the teenagers will be donated to pediatric cancer patients at INEN, a large public hospital in Lima, Peru through “Fundación Magia,” another Peruvian non-profit organization.

Like this, together we put our grain of sand in to support “Misión Huascaran” with its project to promote the self-sustainable development of this area of Huaraz, each hat being a collaboration of love. The final order of hats is given to “Fundación Magia”, who is responsible for improving the living conditions and treatment of underprivileged pediatric patients with cancer. Their goal is that no child be denied treatment due to economic reasons, and their belief is that "50% of cancer is cured with medicine, and the other 50% is cured with love."

In this way we collaborate with giving love and warmth to the heads of these patients. Knitting stories is an adventure that connects stories with hope.

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