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a kindness workshop by danie

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"Knitting Stories" is a project created and organized by Believe in Kindness, that connects participants with artisan women in Peru, and finally connects them all with underprivileged, sick, and/or abandoned children in Peru.

Through our solidarity workshops, participants receive motivation and take part in a creative activity (painting smiley faces or smiley hearts that have been previously knit) to later be a part of the garment that will be received by a child in need. 

In addition to painting the pieces with love, and with the intention to connect and empower people, the participants also write two kind notes; one to thank the artisans for their hard work, motivating them to keep going, and the second one to brighten the day of a child in a very difficult situation. 

We help the artisan women earn economic independence through their job of fabricating a garment and add the piece that has been painted by the participant of a workshop. We then donate the warm garments (with the smiley face/heart sewn to it) with notes of empowerment to the children in need.

Knitting stories is an adventure that connects stories with hope.

You can now also help through a donation or a solidarity product (available in our kind shop).  

Believe In Kindness is currently bringing warmth, love, and empowerment to children going through chemotherapy and abandoned girls.

We also provide the girls who have been abandoned with therapy. 

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