Knitting Stories Smiley Hearts 

(KS Smiley hearts)

Knitting Stories, Smiley Hearts is a project to benefit orphaned girls in extreme poverty, currently in Peru, by bringing them warmth and empowerment.

By purchasing a solidarity box (which includes all the materials necessary for the activity) to be used as part of your celebration, you will be providing pajamas with kind notes to the orphaned girls. 

The project works like this:

1. Painting a smiley heart*

2. Writing a kind note to a girl in need

3. The heart will be sewn onto a set of pajamas by BIK (Believe In Kindness)

4. The pajamas, along with the kind note will be delivered to the girls in need.

This project is a collaboration with Fundacion Oli.

*This activity can be modified to paint smiley faces for children (all genders) in need.