How it all began

Our first kindness project.

Being part of the Wizo Miami Bat Mitzvah Club, Danie felt that kindness was missing from the world and we had to spread the message urgently. She teamed up with Words Count to design and produce a T-Shirt with the message "I Believe In Kindness." Over 250 T-shirts were sold by her and her family and 50% of proceeds derived from t-shirt sales were donated to WIZO so they can help girls without the resources and possibilities to comply with their Bat-Mitzvah.  The remaining 50% was allocated to "Words Count" to create the first prototype of the "Kindness ATM" and to adapt the idea for it to be placed in Children's hospitals, because that was Danie's goal. Today, we have funded 3 Kindness ATMs. Click here to see more.